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Allie Verry

A Little bit About who i am

I was born and raised in Belle Fourche, SD. The Name is French for beautiful forks and for a long while I thought that meant we had exceptional cutlery. It does not. But we are the center of the nation. I have a sister, Cassie, and two brothers named Jake.

It’s a confusing time in the Verry/Bohlmann household. I was raised by my mother and my stepdad. In my free time I like to sing loudly, swing, read, watch far too much Netflix, and hang out with my mom. If I weren’t doing theatre I would probably get a vendor’s cart and sell churros in Brazil. Basically, I have no second choice.

I am never as happy as when I am onstage. When I was debating on whether or not to choose theatre as a career my stepdad sat me down and said, “when I was your age people said what I wanted to do was stupid and I listened to them, now I’m fifty years old and I’m trying to make up for that. I don’t want that for you.” So I immersed myself completely.

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